Aircraft Noise Monitoring & Planning
If not suitably controlled and accounted for, noise associated with airports and airfields can cause serious disturbance to neighbouring communities.
In addition to noise produced during flying operations, other major sources include ground testing of aircraft, engines (which often occurs at night) and airport related traffic. Helicopters and heliports pose particular environmental noise problems.
Road Noise Surveys
More people are affected by noise from transportation sources than any other. The nature and extent
of the impact is dependent on the source and how the impact is assessed depends on the particular circumstances.
School Acoustics
Classrooms, Gyms, Drama Halls, Music/Media Studios & Suites.
Good acoustics is an important aspect of designing buildings for education;
poor acoustics have a detrimental effect on the learning environment.
Acoustic Associates provides an entirely impartial, independent, consultancy service for the solution of noise and vibration problems.

Why choose us?

Acoustic Associates (formed in 1990) is a team of well-qualified consultants based in 5 locations offering a nationwide service. With a wealth of experience, we are sure Acoustic Associates can help solve your noise and vibration related problems. We have grown over the years, and our group of consultancies can be found in 6 strategic locations around the country, offering a truly nationwide service.

Our Accreditation

Acoustic Associates has the following accreditations & registrations. The IOA (The Institute of Acoustics), and accredited to undertake Sound Insulation & Air Tightness Testing by The ANC (The Association of Noise Consultants) & The ATTMA (The Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association). We also hold CSCS Cards for construction site work.

Where Are We?

You can find our offices in:

South West, Peterborough, Sussex, Wessex, & North West. Use the search box on the map below, to find your closest office. Do this by typing your location, e.g. postcode, city or region.

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