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Environmental Vibration

Environmental Vibration

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Vibration may impact on the amenity and comfort of residents in their dwellings. In extreme cases, vibration from these sources may lead to the structural damage of buildings.

Vibration from the following sources may be of particular concern:

  • Road traffic (particularly Heavy Goods Vehicles) and rail traffic.
  • Construction activities (piling, blasting, trench works)
  • Industrial sources (presses, rotating machinery)

Acoustic Associates can undertake the measurement of vibration from these sources and assess their impact with respect to the following relevant criteria:

  • Human response to vibration - British Standard BS 6472-1 and 6472-2 document guideline levels above which vibration may be of concern to residents.
  • Structural damage caused by vibration - British Standard BS 5228 Part 2 and British Standard BS 7385-2 document guideline levels above which structural damage to a building may be possible.

Acoustic Associates can undertake long-term monitoring of vibration from construction or piling sites. We can also visit sites, measure levels with sources operating and determine whether vibration may be excessive according to guideline levels in these standards, which are recognised widely, including by local authorities. We can also provide reports, if required, for input to the planning process.

For more information about what is involved with vibration assessments and how much this might cost please contact us via your local office.

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