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Sound Insulation Testing

Sound Insulation Testing

What do we do for you?

At Acoustic Associates, we offer the following sound insulation testing to our clients, whether they wish to comply with the latest Building Regulations targets or other criteria on a project:

  • Airborne and Impact Sound Insulation Testing in accordance with Part E of the Building Regulations and, where required, BREEAM. This is a requirement for new and converted dwellings where there is a separating partition wall or floor;
  • Sound insulation testing of partitions in other building types, including schools and offices, as required to meet client requirements and/or BREEAM assessments;
  • Site testing of existing buildings, to assess current levels of sound insulation and to allow for the design of remedial measures where the performance needs to be increased.

We are also able to provide the following complementary design services:

  • New-build design reviews and site inspections, to ensure that proposed constructions and detailing of a new building will comply with the acoustic targets of the project. This service will minimise the risk of a sound test failure.
  • Reverberation time assessments for communal areas, as required by Document E of the Building Regulations. Excessive reverberance is a common problem in community halls and suchlike, leading to poor audibility or speech intelligibility. This also impacts upon the rental revenue that can be achieved for such spaces and so the cost of good acoustic design and treatment can be recouped quite quickly in many cases.

Please contact your local office where our consultants will be happy to discuss all aspects of acoustics or sound insulation within buildings, and explain the testing procedure.

Why do I need Sound Testing & how do I know you are approved to carry out the tests?

Approved Document E of The Building Regulations (2003 Edition) is the document setting out the requirements for sound insulation in buildings.

It contains a requirement that organisations carrying out pre-completion sound insulation testing (PCT) should be third party accredited in order to demonstrate their competence to carry out such work. The Association of Noise Consultants' PCT scheme and the UKAS scheme have been approved by The DCLG as suitable for complying with the requirements. All members of Acoustic Associates are registered under either The ANC scheme or with UKAS as certified testing organisations.

Since 1st July 2003, such testing has become a mandatory requirement in "material change of use" properties, otherwise known as conversions. They are also a requirement in some types of new build properties, such as hostels, hotels, student accommodation etc. Such properties are described in Approved Document E as "Rooms for Residential Purposes".

New-build houses and flats do not need to be tested for sound insulation performance if they adhere to the specifications of approved construction, known as Robust Details. However, to gain Building Control approval, the use of such details must be registered with Robust Details Ltd, prior to construction.

If you are unsure whether the Regulations apply to your development or if your site needs sound insulation testing, please call your local office and we can advise you.

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